The World of the Silicone Cookware
Gotada is the leading manufacturer of silicone kitchenware. We deliver the revolutionary new Silicone range currently taking over kitchens both domestic and professional. Silicone is heat resistant to 300oC, and suitable for use in freezers, microwaves and dishwashers and will not discolour or absorb flavours making it one of the most versatile materials available to cooks.

Our wide range of silicone based bakeware or kitchen utensils includes:

* Silicone Mat
* Silicone Ice Tray
* Silicone Oven Mitt
* Silicone Cake Mould
* Silicone Muffin Cup
* Silicone Bakeware
* Silicone Spatula
* Silicone Collapsible Bowl
* Silicone Egg Poacher
* Silicone Lunch Box
* Silicone Sushi Steamer Lunch Box

* Silicone Collapsible
* Silicone Cup Sleeve
* Silicone Pet Bowl
* Collapsible Silicone Strainer
* Silicone Collapsible Cup
* Silicone Bag Handle
* Silicone Cup Holder
* Silicone Bottle Sleeve
* Silicone Baby Bib
* Silicone Baby Teether
* Other Silicone Kitchenware
Please Contact Gotada or visit to review the details about all products.
The advantages of our silicone kitchenware:

* Flexibility and multicolor
* Non-stick material
* Food grade silicone
* Withstanding varying temperatures
* Conducting heat slowly
* Not degrading over time
* Easy storage
* Perfect for use on non-stick surface
* Clever designs in a broad spectrum of colors
* Long life, lightweight and even recyclable