As a leading manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads and other rubber products, Gotada has drawn on our customer's demands for advanced, effective and competitively priced solutions . We continually seek to tailor the design and construction of our products to meet those demands.

We have been supplying following high-quality products to a wide range of prestigious clients:

● Silicone Rubber Keypads
● Custom Molded Parts
● Silicone Kitchenware
● Mobile Cases
● Silicone Bracelets
● Membrane Switches
● Silicone extrusions
● Flexible and other Keyboards
● Other custom moldings

If you require additional technical information, such as equipment list, specifications and details of options, or you want to discover how Gotada's products can work for you, please Contact Us. Furthermore, you can also click Design Guide to assist you in your early stage of development.